Addiction Support Family Care Programme

When there are one or more persons with addiction problems within a family or family , this always has repercussions on the other members. Every family / relative is entitled to support and assistance; not just the one with the addiction. It is very important to be able to talk to fellow sufferers as family members, it helps to strengthen your boundaries and supports you in having the right mindset. A conversation with fellow sufferers is not burdensome but ensures healing in the process which also requires the loved ones.

Key points family program

The emphasis of the family program is on the following points:

Creating a maximum understanding of addiction as a disease and the specific addiction of the protagonist in particular. As a result, the family gets a clear insight into the consequences on both the physical and mental level.

  1. The family members are encouraged to talk about the far-reaching consequences of the addiction on their own lives.
  2. Support applies to every individual family member, but also to the family as a whole.
  3. Sometimes breaking through certain habits and patterns within family dynamics may prove necessary to give the addict the best chance of recovery. The counselors are trained to recognise and treat these patterns in order to bring the family relationships back into balance.

The family program

The family program includes several meetings for the relatives . When the client is admitted to the clinic, the family is advised to come to the education that is organised at regular intervals. Participation in this is important and forms the start of the family program. Around the second or third week of admission, the counselor will contact the family for a routine interview. For this they are personally invited by the counselor of the client. After the client leaves the clinic, start aftercare (the aftercare). Family members or family members are also involved in this part of the treatment.