The Centre

Recovery Direct is one of Cape Town’s top rehabilitation treatment facilities for substance use and behavioural disorders. We focus on using a trauma-centred approach to therapy whereby we help our clients to process distressing and disturbing events from their past and to identify the role those experiences have played in the development of their substance use problem. Located in a tranquil and upmarket neighbourhood, the centre boasts world-class facilities in a spectacular setting beneath the Constantiaberg mountains. Our expert team of medical and mental health professionals are committed to making your journey as smooth as possible.

The Recovery Direct substance use disorder treatment program is tailored to meet each individuals needs by providing a fully integrative and holistic methodology to addiction treatment that is grounded in established therapeutic practices.

Relapse Prevention

The relapse prevention programme was founded by Mr Doug Kemp in late 2010. The programme operated online via the RPSA Website and included an open forum and anonymous chat service that was operated by volunteers within the addiction recovery community. In 2015 Doug was approached by Vaughan Pankhurst to work on the development of a highly successful outpatient treatment programme called Recovery Direct. The intent was to open source high quality addiction treatment and move beyond the 12 step approach by the means of modern technology and implement proven psychiatric methodologies to create an accesable addiction programmes for people that could not afford high end treatment. To develop this concept it was decided to introduce a flagship centre that would encompass the learning program in real-world examples, then to translate the absolute best treatment models into a series of practical guides that could be applied across the digital platforms.