Quality Addiction Care in South Africa

As the industry leaders in quality addiction care, our centre provides frequent lectures for professionals and the many allied professionals working within the field of addiction treatment.

Clinical Assessment

We offer a comprehensive clinical assessment on arrival which helps us ascertain your current situation, requirements and needs of your treatment for the duration of your stay. More information on clinical assessments and admissions here. Alternatively read the guide to clinical assessments here.

One-on-one counselling

Our therapists are trained to assist you in processing traumatic experiences and setting recovery goals which are realistic and achievable. We offer two counselling sessions to our clients per day. Read more about the counselling and treatment team here. Find out more about one on one individual counselling here.

Trauma therapy

One of our distinguishing features is our understanding of the link between trauma and addiction. We offer an extensive trauma therapy programme spearheaded by the insight, knowledge and expertise of our Clinical Director Vaughan Pankhurst. Read more about trauma therapy here.

Group Therapy

Groups provide a warm, safe and collaborative environment to work through feelings with like-minded individuals. Groups available for family care here and focused groups lead by addiction treatment professionals addressing a broad range of client issues. Read more about the group therapy programmes here.


Interactive lectures on a variety of addiction-related topics and mental health subjects enable clients to learn new ways of understanding their process and dealing with the accompanying feelings. Read more about our recovery lectures here.

Psychiatric Evaluation

Where it is needed we refer our clients to an off-site psychiatrist or contract a specialist for an evaluation that may be in a better position to help a specific client circumstance. Read more about psychiatric evaluations here.

Medical Support

Our competent team of medical professionals are also available for referral and provide the support needed to our clients. Read more about medical support services here

The Most Common Addictions In Today’s Society

  • 1. Marijuana/Weed/Pot/Ganga/Dagga: Marijuana is also known as weed and pot and it is one of the most common drugs used. While the addiction to this particular illegal drug is still up for debate, it most certainly is widely and commonly used.
  • 2. Heroin/ Crack: Heroin is also referred to as crack and one of the most addictive and dangerous of all the illegal drugs prevalent in society.
  • 3. Alcohol: Alcohol is third on this list of most common addictions in society today and has a tendency to lead to violent incidents. Alcohol intoxication is one of the leading causing of road accidents.
  • 4. Nicotine/ cigarettes: This is one of the most dangerous addictions around because it is legal and it is quite easy to develop a dependency. Nicotine has been found to the number one cause of avoidable deaths.
  • 5. Sex: There are quite a few different varieties of sex addiction. A few examples include nameless and meaningless sex with different people on a regular basis, uncontrollable urges to masturbate constantly and regular exhibitionism.
  • 6. Food: This is one of the most over looked, yet surprisingly common, of all the addictions prevalent in today’s society. Eating disorders such as overeating, emotional eating, binging and uncontrollable eating would all fall into this category.
  • 7. World Wide Web: The introduction of the internet has seemed to lead to a new kind of addiction that has fast become popular. Most internet addictions revolve around the pornographic content available online.
  • 8. Uncontrollable shopping: This is another one of those addictions that are commonly overlooked. Many relationships and lives are ruined by this uncontrollable urge to shop.
  • 9. Gambling/ Betting/ Gaming: This addiction has grown quite a bit because gambling is being made more and more accessible. Addicts can simple log online and visit an online casino to get their fix for example.
  • 10. Coffee/ Caffeine: This is a particular powerful stimulant and many people may not even realise that they have developed a dependency on coffee.