Anxiety Is One Of The Most Common Mental Health Problems in South Africa

Dealing With Anxiety

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Anxiety is one of the most common and prevalent features of modern society in that everyone experiences it at some stage of their life as it is a component of our human nature. There are however many people that experience anxiety to a far greater and debilitating effect. In these cases it is certainly worth speaking to a professional to help you get to the bottom of your pannic attacks. Simple one on one talk therapy can go a long toward easing anxiety without the use of medications or substances or falling into maladapted behaviors. Contact Johannesburg's top treatment centre for anxiety today.

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De-stigmatising Anxiety

De-stigmatising mental health around anxiety is a critical challenge that we face in the mental health community in South Africa. Many medical professionals are all too ready to prescribe medications to resolve the immediate symptoms of an issue that can and should have a resolution inside the safety of a counsellors consulting room. Medicating patients for anxiety should be seen as a last resort and in most cases, it does not address the underlying problem. Anxiety is NORMAL. Everyone has it, and working with a trained therapist can greatly ease the symptoms and should always be the first port of call.