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Dealing With Prescription Medication Addiction

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Is someone you know addicted to prescription medications? A lot of us take prescription medicines only for the factor the physician intended. But the National Institute on Substance abuse claims regarding forty eight million people (ages twelve and older) have actually used prescription drugs for non-medical reasons in their life time.

Recently, there has been a significant surge in prescription medication misuse or misuse. This boost has resulted in more Emergency Room visit caused by unexpected overdose and rehab centre admissions than ever before.

What Is a Medication Addiction?

Addiction is a chronic brain condition that often happens more commonly than most people realise. It causes compulsive drug seeking behaviours regardless of dangerous effects on the addicted person and individuals around that individual. The misuse of medicines, even prescription drugs results in changes in exactly how the brain operates and also how it functions.

For many people, the very first choice to take prescription medications is volunteer. However with time, adjustments in the brain triggered by repeated drug misuse affect a person's self-control and ability to make sound choices. While this is going on, the person proceeds to have extreme impulses to take even more medications.