Ten Warning Signs That It’s Time to Seek Treatment

Only a small percentage of the individuals in the South Africa who need treatment for substance abuse actually receive it. The main reason many people don’t go to rehab is that they don’t think they need it. Maybe they are too embarrassed or worried about money to ask for help. Here are ten indicators that you or or somebody you know needs to enter a rehabilitation centre for substance abuse.

Here are the top 10 warning signs that you may need professional help to overcome an addiction

As A Direct Result Of Your Drug / Alcohol Abuse, You Are Experiencing Physical Health Issues..

It may take some time for you to notice the effects of substance abuse on your health, but you should know that they are there. It is time to start thinking about rehab if you have started to see physical changes in your body as a consequence of your drug or alcohol abuse. There is no mistaking the seriousness of your condition from the warning signs your body is sending you.

Friends and Family Feel Distanced From You

Substance abuse can aggravate already tense relationships by causing the addict to withdraw emotionally and become distant from those closest to them. When someone regularly consumes alcohol and drugs, they may develop a temper and become more argumentative. When someone is deep in the throes of addiction, they often find themselves at odds with their loved ones more frequently than usual. If your alcohol or drug use has gotten so bad that it’s causing serious tension in your relationships, it’s time to get help for your addiction.

To Get Through the Day, You Find Yourself Increasingly Dependent on the Alcohol or Drug.

Many people who develop substance use disorders initially believe they are in regulation of their use and are only using the substance socially or on rare occasions. It is common for people to become increasingly dependent on their drug of choice as their addiction develops. A strong indicator that a habit has progressed to a serious condition is when a person feels they ‘need’ a substance to function normally.

Your Addiction Starts to Take Precedence Over Everything Else in Your Life.

When a person’s addiction reaches a crisis, they often lose enthusiasm for the activities and people that used to bring them the most joy. An artist who used to paint passionately but now has no desire to create is an example of someone with a severe addiction. Seek help if you find that you are putting your substance or alcohol use ahead of other aspects of your life.

You’ve Probably Noticed a Decline in Your Professional or Academic Performance as a Result.

It’s not always easy to spot the onset of addiction because it’s possible to continue your normal routine while using. However, as an addiction progresses and becomes a major problem, you would then likely start to feel the effects in those other aspects of your life. An action may be necessary if your addiction is causing problems at work or school.

You’ve Lied About How Much Drugs You Take

Maybe you think it’s none of your loved ones’ business if they ask you about ones alcohol or drug use, but if you lie about it, that’s a sign that you’re starting to lose control. Addiction causes a person to lie about their use because they feel they must protect their secret from others. There would be no reason to hide the truth if it weren’t an addiction.

You’ve Run Into Trouble with the Law Due to Your Use of

An encounter with the law as a direct result of your drinking or drug use is a glaring indication that you’ve lost control of your behaviour and are in serious need of assistance. An arrest for driving under the influence (DUI), operating while intoxicated (OWI), or public intoxication should be taken seriously, not ignored.

You have failed to meet a significant commitment or event.

Addiction affects more people than just the person who is addicted, so the idea that it only harms the addict is false. The people closest to you may also feel the effects of your addiction. Missing your daughter or son’s sporting activity or school play in favour of getting high or consuming alcohol is a serious sign that you need help.

Attempts at sobriety on your own have failed.

Maybe you’ve made the courageous decision to cut back on your alcohol or drug consumption, but you’ve struggled to maintain your abstinence. The attraction of alcohol and drugs may be too tempting for an individual to avoid, so simply acknowledging you have a problem and trying to abstain by yourself is often not enough. Having a nurturing setting to detox in and start learning positive coping techniques can be the thing that an individual battling addiction requires the most.

Family call out for assistance

It’s a clear sign that you’ve a problem if loved ones have recently approached you to express their worries about your use of drugs or alcohol. It’s not a pleasant realisation to come to, as it can trigger deep feelings of embarrassment and guilt; however, it’s sometimes exactly what’s needed to encourage someone to get the additional assistance they need.

Unfortunately, there are times when going it alone just isn’t an option when it comes to beating an addiction. Desert Cove Recovery is staffed by compassionate experts who can help you or a loved one sort through your options if you’re dealing with an addiction. Our services provide dependable addiction solutions that can help you begin healing.